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Why Risk It - Info for Teens with Food Allergies
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WhyRiskIt, a site for youth living with Anaphylaxis

Welcome to Why Risk It 

A Site for Canadian Youth at Risk for Anaphylaxis

Are you a young adult or teen with a food allergy and at risk for anaphylaxis? Welcome to Why Risk It? The website that can help you manage your allergies while living normally.

Get the facts on anaphylaxis, learn how to manage risks in difficult situations, like dining out or dating with food allergies. See how other teens and young adults have coped with their allergies by sharing strategies on avoiding allergic reactions. If you have had an allergic reaction or been in a risky situation, you can use this website to share your experiences and help other allergic teens stay safe. 

Risks are sometimes hard to avoid when trying to fit in or not stand out. But when it comes to anaphylaxis,

 even the smallest risk can potentially lead to a very serious allergic reaction. In any situation where there is a chance of a reaction, there is really only one question to ask yourself… why risk it?

This site was created by Food Allergy Canada's Youth Advisory Panel. Learn more about the team and how to join this great group of volunteers!


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